Let’s get right to the point. With Point59 Realty, Brokerage, you save thousands of dollars in commission. Listing with Point59 Realty provides you full exposure on MLS® and Realtor.ca while having the support of a licensed REALTOR®, all for 0.59% commission (vs 4-5% with most traditional brokerages).

Point59 Realty would be happy to help you list and sell your property, whether it is a single-family home, condo, duplex/triplex, multi-unit, vacant land, or farm land! We have sold them all (while saving our clients thousands of dollars in commissions).

The first step is to register here. From there, you will be invited to complete an online listing questionnaire which will provide all the relevant details required to have your home or property listed on MLS® and Realtor.ca. If you have any questions about creating an account or the questionnaire, we are always here for you and we will be happy to help complete the listing process with you directly. Once all relevant information is obtained and you have approved the listing information, we will begin promoting your property for sale!

No catch! Just a shift from the traditional method of listing and selling your home with a licensed REALTOR®. The biggest shift is that when an interested buyer or an agent from a cooperating brokerage wants to view your home, they make arrangements directly with you. Show it off with pride – who knows your home better than you? Even though they may contact you directly, we will be with you every step of the way.

If you are not sure what price you want to list your home for, a Point59 REALTOR® will be happy to work with you to determine a price based on comparable homes that are currently listed and/or have recently sold.

A cooperating brokerage is a brokerage, other than the listing brokerage, that has a potential buyer for your home.

First, a comment on how we are the same… As Real Estate is a regulated profession in Ontario, all REALTORS® and Brokerages must be registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario, adhering to strict professional standards. There is no difference here. Where we are different however is in the fee we charge for our services. Unlike traditional brokerages that charge around 4.0-5.0% commission, we only charge 0.59% providing the same services, with one distinction – You make arrangements for showing your own home to prospective buyers. In some cases, potential buyers will be working with agents who will request access to your home. You can make arrangements with these REALTORS® directly and have the option of being present or simply allowing access to the buyer agent. When a buyer is NOT working with a Realtor, they will contact Point59 Realty where we will answer their questions and arrange a viewing directly with you, the seller.

Yes, your listing will get full exposure on Realtor.ca and a minimum of 22 MLS Real Estate boards across Ontario.

In some cases, you! When a buyer is NOT working with a Realtor, they will contact Point59 Realty where we will answer their questions and arrange a viewing directly with you, the seller. Then, you show your home with pride – no one knows your home better than you! In other cases, a REALTOR® from a co-operating brokerage may have interested buyers and reach out to you to arrange a showing either directly or through our Showing System App. You have the choice of being present for the showing or simply allowing the REALTOR® to have access for a private viewing with their clients.

An interested buyer or their REALTOR® will notify your Point59 REALTOR® if they are interested in submitting an offer, at which point your Point59 REALTOR® will work directly with you to review the offer and negotiate, if needed, to help you sell your home. Before getting to that stage however, we make sure all potential buyers have the information they need to submit an offer when they view your home!

Our standard listing agreements are for 4 months in length. You can suspend your listing at any point throughout the listing period (at no charge). You can cancel your listing agreement at any point after the initial 60 days (at no charge). We are here to help and will always work with you based on your specific situation.

Yes, you can! Simply contact your Point59 representative and we will take care of the paperwork!

There are no hidden fees – your commission is 0.59% when your home sells. Photography and/or staging if needed, along with any additional commission you may wish to offer a co-operating brokerage is up to you.

While we believe traditional fees are outdated and overpriced, we also believe in fair compensation for performing a valued service. At Point59 Realty, Brokerage, we have created an opportunity for home sellers to list their home and receive the support and assurances of working with a licensed REALTOR® in the listing and selling of their home, for a minimal commission. We allow you, the home seller, total control over who views your home and ultimately, how much value you attribute to someone finding a successful buyer for your home. What you offer to a cooperating brokerage and buyer agent is usually decided at time of listing and promoted on the MLS system which is accessible by all REALTORS®. Your Point59 REALTOR® will be happy to discuss commission options with you based on your specific situation. But ultimately, it is 100% up to you what you would like to offer, with no expectation or requirement for you to offer more than you are comfortable with.

Point59 Realty’s role in the Real Estate marketplace is to provide an MLS® listing and Realtor.ca exposure while supporting sellers through the listing and offer stage of selling their home. Point59 Realty provides sellers with control over how their home is sold and how much they are willing to pay for real estate services. We encourage our clients to work with cooperating brokerages and their agents and negotiate a fee that makes sense for both of you. If you have any questions about a specific Point59 Realty listed property, please reach out to the Point59 listing agent for details on what commission is being offered and how we can be sure we put both of our clients first and foremost.

Today’s home buyer is more proactive than ever. Long gone are the days of home buyers waiting for and relying on a REALTOR® to provide a list of potential homes to view. Homebuyers are seeking out homes that fit their criteria via Realtor.ca and actively requesting a viewing either directly or through their Realtor. 40% of all Realtor.ca visitors claim they are not working with a Realtor. Meanwhile, buyers who are working with a REALTOR® may already have an agreement in place with their REALTOR® for situations such as purchasing a private home for sale or where commission is not offered, ensuring suitable compensation for that Realtor. Last and certainly not least, any agent who avoids a suitable home for their client is obviously not working with their client’s best interest in mind and goes against the REALTOR® Code of Ethics which we are obligated to abide by as professional members of the Real Estate Council of Ontario. (see Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 Ontario Code of Ethics: O. Reg. 580/05, s. 19.)

If you are not already working with a REALTOR®, you can simply call or contact Point59 Realty and we will be happy to help! If you are working with a REALTOR®, have them contact us, or let us know which REALTOR® you are working with and we will be happy to reach out to them directly to get started.

The first thing you should do is check with your Realtor. You may have signed an agreement stating you will work with your REALTOR® for any home purchase including situations where there is little or no commission offered to them as a cooperating brokerage. If not, they may request a fee directly from you, or they may try and negotiate a commission with the seller. If you do not have an agreement to work exclusively with them on any purchase, you may still work with the REALTOR® to show you the home or you can contact Point59 Realty and arrange a time to view the home directly.

When you sign up to work with a traditional brokerage, they typically build in a fixed 2% commission fee to offer the cooperating brokerage (CB) or in other words, an agent from another brokerage that is presenting your home to a potential buyer. Point59 Realty’s optional CB FlexRate provides you full control over any commission you wish to pay a cooperating brokerage. When you list with Point59 Realty, there is no requirement or set fixed amount or percentage. How much you offer a cooperating brokerage depends on how aggressively you want to market your home. Some of our sellers offer a flat fee. Others offer none at all. While some of our sellers offer as much as 2%, making their total commission only 2.59%. Compared to 4% commission, that’s still a savings of $4,652.00 (on a $330,000 home). The best part of this, is Point59 Realty will NEVER collect the full commission you are offering a buyer agent even when we work with the buyer directly - so you save even more! Get started today!