Windsor Homes for Sale

Reap the Benefits of a Buyer-Friendly Real Estate Market in Windsor with Point59 Realty

The Windsor housing market is set to be buyer-friendly all through 2021 & 2022. House sellers are going to enjoy record-breaking long-term returns on their investment more than before. For one, the demand for houses in Windsor has never been this good. Alongside the many available homes, Windsor has been a landing ground for newcomers to Canada. What does this mean? The more Canada grows, Windsor will follow that route.

Record Home Building Stats

The one thing that has stood above anything else in the Windsor housing market is the building of several new houses. In the last quarter of 2020 alone, over 752 new building permits were issued. Compared to previous years, this is a historical record, all in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly, it means real estate investors in Windsor are assured of a positive return on their investment.

Even better, the interest rates in Windsor have been low, thanks in part to the Canada Central Bank's input. So, the only sure thing here is that while more new houses for sale in Windsor are coming up, other homebuyers are coming to Windsor. And for a home buyer, the benefits of investing in this community can never be any better than now.

Save with Point59 Realty

Despite the demand for homes in Windsor, the chances are that it can still be challenging to sell your home at the right price successfully. And that is why Point59 Realty is here to help. We know you want to sell your home profitably, and we shall ensure you get just that with our 0.59% commission when you list with us.

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