Cornwall and District

Despite financial reversals in many companies due to the pandemic, Cornwall and District Real Estate Board hit its highest sales in November 2020. The MLS®® system is the primary platform for its home sales. Units totaling to 145 were purchased. These recent figures brought the percentage increase to 21.8%. This was an improvement compared to November 2019. Additionally, these records set the pace as the highest in November.

An 8.8% rise was noted after the sale of homes during the first 11 months of the year. A total of 1,502 units were sold. This was an increase compared to the same period in 2019. With such impressive results, what were the sentiments from the Cornwall and District Real Estate Board president? Helen McLeod, the association’s president, made positive comments about the scale-ups. She mentioned that sales surpassed their expectations. Few people would be optimistic, given the prevailing circumstances. It had been an achievement for the region. Even with market strains due to Covid -19, November proved to be the best-selling month. How good was it? The amount gained was way above the cumulative sum of all 2019 sales.

It was historical when the November 2020 average sales price was $339,019. It went past $335,000 where the previous record stood. The amount accounted for the 43.7% gained. Still on average sales, property worth $293,043 was purchased between January and November 2020. A 26.3% increase resulted, making these totals more than the income generated within the same 11-month period in November 2019. If you reside in Cornwall, consider selling your house in partnership with this firm.

Summation of all the homes sold earned the Cornwall and District MLS®® $ 49.2 million. The percentage increase went up to 75.1% when compared to November of the previous year. How many items were listed? The new units totaled 129. These residential properties were a 27.7% rise from November 2019. However, these new listings lagged overall sales; a phenomenon not experienced before. At the close of November, the residential listings that had remained active totaled 174. This was a 46.1% decline if put side by side with November 2019 records. The decrease has been persistent for five months in a row.

Months of inventories also had significant drops. In November 2020, they numbered 1.2. The figure descended from the November 2019 report whereby the months of inventories stood at 2.7. Both were still less than the average months of inventories, 5.8, expected during this period. The months of inventories are determined by counting the months taken for property to be sold based on the existing rate of sales.

What areas does the Cornwall and District Real Estate Board cover? Cornwall city, Prescott, Stormont, a section Of Dundas and Glengarry Counties. It is positioned near the USA and Quebec borders with St. Lawrence River and Ottawa River to the south and north respectively. Residents of Glengarry as well as those in the aforementioned places can contact Cornwall and District MLS®® for their house sales.

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